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When you call my firm, I often answer the phone. If I am helping another client, you go straight to my voicemail and I am usually able to return your call the same day. You don’t have to go through support staff to reach me and you don’t need to press any other numbers.

You can meet with me at my office without cost or obligation to go over prior year tax returns or to discuss your tax issues. Together, we decide if I am able to help you. I welcome new clients and appreciate your business. Occasionally, I can answer a simple question over the phone, but few tax questions are simple. A face-to-face meeting at my office is preferred and to your advantage.

If you own investments, a business, or real estate (including your home), you really should consider having a professional prepare your income tax return. This is not a job that can be trusted to an off-the-shelf software program or commercial tax employee who just took a 3 week tax course. I have prepared thousands of tax returns and have resolved hundreds of IRS notices, audits and inquiries. Can you trust someone without the proper experience and education to prepare your income tax return correctly? I am a Florida licensed CPA and have been preparing tax returns for over 30 years.

Located in Sarasota, Florida

Sooner or later, it happens - the dreaded envelope appears in the mailbox from the IRS. You open the envelope to find a 9 page notice. Your tax return has been adjusted and IRS claims you owe a large amount of additional tax. How can this be? How did they come up with this? What do I do now? I can help. Call me.

Most of the tax returns I prepare are billed at a flat fee. I only use hourly billing for the more complex income tax returns and other services. My fees start at $220 for a basic individual tax return and many returns I prepare are charged this fee. I can usually provide either a firm quotation or fee range estimate at your initial consultation if the complexity of your tax return is consistent from year-to-year.


When was the last time you called your CPA firm and the owner answered the phone?

A free initial consultation is available at my office.

Many people need a knowledgeable professional to prepare their income tax returns.

Fees are fair, consistent and with no surprises.

You need a CPA on your side when the IRS comes calling.